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Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Marvelous Manifestation

Why then the fog...thick cloud blankets of mystery that hide the rivers face
does it also bare the rivers soul ?
For some, the fog is only there, only a cover, but some see what lies within, what mystery, what possibilities, as the fog settles upon its humble river spirit...

The Smith has many faces; haven for trout, clean fresh supply for our daily water needs, a paddlers playground...and the keeper of the mist....

The chilly 45 degree waters from the bottom of Philpott lake are unleashed in a mighty rush of power as hydro electric generation supplies our daily energy hunger, free to course through the mighty arteries that pump this life blood through the heart of our basin... the essence of life, washing clean the transgressions of the previous days heat.

As this torrent of frigid water subsides, the collision with the tepid summer air creates the famous "Smith River Fog"

Just a simple matter of physical properties, of temperature and humidity...or maybe it's perhaps a spiritual reminder of generations long gone and the river that sustained them, a hint at our past and a glimpse of our future. Maybe a promise of renewal and hope.

It brings a beauty and serenity to our stressed out, hyper-paced, digital lives. At the very least, it should serve as a tangible reminder of the vigilance and determination we all must endure in the protection of this gift, this natural resource, this emerald treasure.

Share your "foggy' stories and misty pictures.
What does it mean to you ?
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The fog takes...the fog gives: By Barbara Parker

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