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Friday, October 16, 2009

Damp and Chilly, Fall Arrives

I don't really like gray damp days....but I love the early fall leaves
as the forest begins to prepare for the coming winter.

After a brief meeting at Philpott Lake this morning, I took a break for
aquick hike along the river below the dam.  A light drizzle was nothing
a rain jacket couldn't handle and I slipped into the wet forest on the
narrow trail. Walking slowly I could enjoy the peace and beauty of the
quiet woods as raindrops flecked the surface of the river and the
occasional  trout rose, rings bigger than those of the rain drops,
picking off  unseen tiny insects.

This beautiful, natural surface "out and back" trail  borders the
Smith River for one mile along the Henry County side below
the dam and is perfect for a short hike to experience some

outstanding scenery. The rhododendrons cover one ridge
with thick  vibrant greens, contrasting with the gold
and red hues of early fall against the backdrop of the river.

What a fabulous little break before returning to the
confines of the office. 
Even the gray skies seemed a  little lighter as
I traveled back towards town. 
Take time for a stroll, even in the rain.
A short walk by the river in the early fall woods
can re-focus your thoughts and lighten your day. 

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