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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March Rainbows and Browns

A recent turn of warm weather had us all scramblin to get outside and on the river to see what the trout were up too.  The VDGIF had also recently stocked a pile of rainbows in the Bassett area, and these guys bite just about anything, pile up in groups more than browns, and like the colder temps.  The browns are not too aggressive yet and are still a bit sluggish from the frigid winter.  Browns don;t really like to feed too aggressively until the water temps reach above 46 degrees, and this past weekend recorded water temps from 43-45, but the stocked rainbows don;t mind.  They are hungry and readily devour anything drifted past them.  In fact, once you find a hole with rainbows you can bet they are stacked up in there like cord wood.  All you habe to do is find the hole and be in the right spot for a good drift.

That was the case on Saturday when Darrin Doss found a pack of hungry "stockies"
A few browns did react to his nymphs as well but for the most part it was a rainbow explosion.  All these guys were released so they may still be out there for the next fisherman to enjoy.

A rainbow/brown collage by Darrin Doss  http://www.dossphoto.com/

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