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Thursday, March 3, 2011

SRTU March Meeting and Fly-tying

Uptown Maritnisville...( 2 miles from the Smith River) 
SRTU Meeting March 2011

Well it was the first meeting with our New president Darrin Doss undertaking his official duties and it was really a great meeting, fly-tying, food and good friends.  David Jones said it best, “this is kind of meeting I like, just a bunch of us hanging out tying flies and having a great time.”  I will second that and add that we are making progress as we all work together to solve the real problems and  issues facing our area and our beloved fishery. 
We even had a long distance visitor from South Carolina who fishes the Smith on a regular basis and one of our North Carolina fellow chapter members.  We appreciate the efforts of Laura and the programs they are working on down south of us, including a brand new trout in the Classroom Program with 3 tanks already !   We also had a couple of new visitors and we welcome them as they begin their journey of personal and financial ruin on the road to the pursuit of fly-fishing 

For someone like myself who has been around fly-tying events a 100 times, and never have bothered to learn how to tie a fly, I feel like we definitely need more meetings like this.   If I can have the opportunity to rotate around and learn just one thing from each person, its awesome.  As many times as I have seen Al tie an "Allie worm", I have never bothered to sit down and learn the technique from the master.  Seems when we do the volunteer events, we each have our own responsibilities and I just have not had the time to learn so, Darrin, please have some more fly tying meetings !
Thanks to everyone in SRTU that loves the art of flyfishing as much as I do and thanks to this group that is always willing to show a newbie just exactly what it takes to consistently catch our beautiful Smith river browns !
The grandmaster of SRTU, Al Kittredge tutors some newbies on the delicate art of tying the world famous Allie-worm

 Everybody’s favorite flyfisherwoman ties her famous “Red Cricket"  Its 100% so far !
 Here’s our new President Darrin Doss working on…well, I don’t know what hes working on there but I am sure its the next greatest thing for the Smith.

And lets not forget our Own Paul Fogle as he ties a….”what the hell is that giant white thing anyway Paul ?”  I know what it is, its one of those sycamore seed pod imitations, you know those big white "fluffies" that  always look like mayflys out of the corner of your eye…Maybe he knows something we don’t ?
What a great evening , thanks to all who attended.  See you at the Smith River Clean-up on March 19th.  If you have any other event updates, send them to Darrin to post to the group.  See ya on the River

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